Actor Coaching

Brette coaches actors on finding their special sauce (that thing – that “It Factor”) –  that makes us want to watch them on TV), preparation for auditions, marketing strategies, and more. In addition to private coaching, Brette teaches regular classes at Actors Connection and does occasional workshops at studios in NY and LA. She also teaches at several colleges, including Muhlenberg College, Montclair State, and University of Maryland, her alma mater. Brette loves working with actors and serving as a sounding board/”accountabilibuddy”/ass kicker/solutions-driven creative partner.

To inquire about private coaching or working with Brette at your studio or training program, please email All talent submissions should be sent to

Read this to get pumped up for your audition

iheartactorsIf you’ve done your homework and you’re prepared/good to go for your audition, I’ve got the following to say to you:

You got this.

We want to see the character through your eyes. Keep it simple and grounded. We really want you to rock this. YOU make us look great.

This whole thing is like dating. You come in as your best, most interesting, mysterious you and leave us wanting more. You should also read our profile completely…meaning you know who and what you’re auditioning for. Helps in terms of understanding tone and formula, as well as giving you something to talk/kvell about in the room.

We are peers. Peers don’t need to work hard to please each other. Be prepared and bring your best you. And be camera-ready.

Don’t mess with slots. Cancel/reschedule early if you must. Arrive on time. It’s good karma. Remember a slot can go to another actor if you can’t make it.

We all have good days and bad days. You don’t literally poop on my table, chances are I won’t remember your bad day like you will. Let the bad ones go. Shit happens. No need to apologize.

This business can be, well, wacky, for lack of a better word. It’s just hard. We feel you.

Again, you got this.

And some other stuff:

  • Google who is going to be in the room. You’ll get a sense of their style and vibe. You may also be able to get a word in about their work, and it always feels good to know that you are “seen” as well.
  • If you’re reading for a role in an existing show or sequel, watch it. I know that sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how quickly time flies when you’re juggling a million things. Make the time for it.
  • We have limited slots and don’t like feeling like we “wasted” a time that could have gone to a better prepared actor. Prepare for your audition and bring us your best. Not only will you have a great time in the room, we will know we gave that slot to the right individual, even if you’re not cast in the project. It’s all about relationship building.
  • If you ever get a meshuganah vibe, that’s on the folks in the room, not on you. If you stay grounded and connected, they will ground and connect. It really works.

“There always seems to be an us-and-them cloud hanging over the entertainment field, and actors are discouraged from reaching out beyond the casting table and claiming what we need.  Brette’s consistent attitude of open information and inclusion is so refreshing and empowering, and she helped remind me that it’s okay to be confident and equal.”Susan Pasquantonio, Actor