Backed with over 20 years of casting experience, Brette’s work includes projects for the following networks and production companies:

“Brette is as good as it gets.  She is smart, hardworking and very tuned in. She is a force of nature.”

– Vince Maggio, Producer


  • I'm here to make your process easier. You, the director, have a million things you need to do and I just have one. So I’m gonna knock it out of the park. You don't have to babysit me.

  • You can’t have a great project if you don’t have a great cast. So if you’re not seeing what you want, I will POWER THROUGH to get you what you want.

  • My goal is to create an ensemble with spectacular chemistry. And I do that by creating a safe space for the actors to be the best versions of themselves. My rooms are a nice place to be.

  • People are drawn to me because I have my heart and soul in everything I do.  I invest in our project.

  • I empower agents and managers, but I don’t just settle for whomever they submit. I’m a tracker, a scout, constantly on the hunt for new talent and keeping tabs on established talent.

  • I love being the catalyst in helping people realize their dreams. This job is a total joy for me. While there are very real stakes, we’re not saving lives here. We’re having fun.